Super Smash Bros. Brawl Cheats For Wii

  1. Pokemon Pictures

    To find a picture on Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Go on the Pokemon Stadium 2, wait until the snow place shows, pause it at the right time, and a picture appears.

    Contributed by: n2Deepeth 

  2. Easy CD and Sticker Drops

    First, acquire Stage Builder Parts Set B (Make 5 custom stages). Make a level where there are conveyor belts running into a wall, and a platform somewhere in the level that a player can stand on and stay there.

    Plug in a second controller. Go into options, and set every item EXCEPT Sandbag off. Set items to high. Go into your conveyor-belt-level in a regular Brawl and have the second character jump and stay on the platform, so it's not in the way.

    Now, when the Sandbags fall, they'll stay at the wall. Use your character (Kirby's basic A attack, repeatedly, recommended or another character that can hit many times quickly.) to hit the Sandbags over and over. Since all other items are turned off, only stickers and CDs will appear. This is the easiest way to get a lot of CDs/Stickers quickly.

    Contributed by: AndrewMeyer 

  3. Fight Crazy Hand in Classic Mode.

    To fight Crazy Hand in Classic, you must reach the Master Hand in under nine minutes and without using any continues. Also, it must be completed on Hard mode or higher. If these conditions are met, Crazy Hand will appear alongside Master Hand at the start of the match.

    Contributed by: Enoema 

  4. Have All Players Choose Same Character Skin

    1. In Standard Brawl Mode, choose the character and skin desired for all players to use; use in P1's slot (or 2, 3, 4: doesn't matter). 2. Once you chose the skin everyone wants to use, drop the player with said skin. 3. Choose the same character and skin for the other players, dropping all one at a time but the last. 4. Switch to Team Battle. 5. Add all other players back. 6. Switch back to Standard Battle.

    Contributed by: AskaLangly 

  5. Character Conversations

    Tap the D-pad down while using the following characters in the appropriate stages to trigger mid-battle conversations:

    Fox/Falco: Lylat Cruise, Corneria (Melee stage)
    Wolf: Lylat Cruise
    Snake: Shadow Moses Island

    Contributed by: vgw64 

  6. K.K. Slider Concert

    If you play any kind of Brawl on the "Smashville" Animal Crossing stage when your Wii's internal clock is set to a Saturday between the hours of 8:00 PM and midnight, K.K. "Totakeke" Slider will appear in the background of the stage and serenade your brawl.

    Contributed by: MasterPeteDiddy 

  7. Unlockable Characters

    Code Effect
    350 Brawl Matches OR Fight her in Swamp stage in SSE after completing it OR complete SSE then Events 1-20 Jigglypuff
    70 Brawl Matches OR Have him join in SSE OR Beat Classic in 12 minutes or less then defeat him in the following match Captain Falcon
    300 Brawl Matches OR Have him join in SSE OR Beat Classic Mode with 10 characters OR play Brawl for 10 hours. Sonic
    22 Brawl Matches OR Have him join in SSE OR Complete Classic without continuing Luigi
    130 Brawl Matches OR Have him join in SSE OR Play 15 matches on Shadow Moses Island Snake
    100 Brawl Matches OR Have him join in SSE OR Complete all 5 Target Tests with a character Lucario
    5 Brawl Matches OR Have him join in SSE OR Reflect ten projectiles Ness
    50 Brawl Matches OR Have him join in SSE OR Complete 100-man brawl Falco
    250 Brawl Matches OR Have him join in SSE OR Clear Target Tests on any level with 30+ characters Mr. Game & Watch
    400 Brawl Matches OR Fight him in Forest stage in SSE after completing it OR After beating SSE, finish the Classic mode Toon Link
    450 Brawl Matches OR Fight him in Ruins stage in SSE after completing it OR Complete Boss Mode with Fox or Falco Wolf
    160 Brawl Matches OR Have him join in SSE OR Get 250 different Trophies R.O.B. (Robot)
    200 Brawl Matches OR Collect Zelda and Link trophies in SSE to have him join you OR Clear Classic on Hard with Link or Zelda Ganondorf
    10 Brawl Matches OR Have him join in SSE OR Finish Classic on any difficulty Marth

    Contributed by: NostalgicX 

  8. Unlockable Modes

    Code Effect
    Unlock all the hidden characters All-Star Mode
    Complete the Subspace Emissary and Classic Mode Boss Battle Mode

    Contributed by: NostalgicX 

  9. Unlockable Stages

    Code Effect
    Use Luigi in brawl 3 times Luigi's Mansion
    Play on any Melee stage 10 times in VS Mode Jungle Japes
    Play on Pokémon Stadium 2 10 times in VS Mode Pokémon Stadium
    Complete Event #28 Hanenbow
    Beat Challenge #19 Mario Bros
    Unlock Toon Link Great Sea
    Brawl as Captain Falcon 10 times Big Blue (Melee)
    Clear stage #25 in Event Mode Spear Pillar
    Unlock Sonic Green Hill Zone
    Unlock Mr. Game & Watch Flat Zone 2
    Fight as Kirby in VS mode 20 times Green Greens
    Brawl as Donkey Kong 20 times 75m

    Contributed by: NostalgicX 

  10. Unlockable Target Tests

    By clearing various difficulties of Classic, you can unlock different levels of Target Test as outlined below. Note that if you unlock a higher difficulty level before an lower one, you will unlock all the ones before it e.g. If you clear Classic mode once on Intense, you will unlock all the target tests.

    Code Effect
    Beat Target Test in Classic Mode twice on Easy or once on Medium Level 2 (Medium)
    Beat Target Test in Classic Mode twice on Medium or once on Hard Level 3 (Hard)
    Beat Target Test in Classic Mode twice on Hard or once on Very Hard Level 4 (Very Hard)
    Beat Target Test in Classic Mode twice on Very Hard or once on Intense Level 5 (Intense)

    Contributed by: olyl 

  11. Unlockable Music

    Code Effect
    Have a total of 5000 coins collected in vs. coin matches 02 (Zero Two) Boss Theme (Kirby 64)
    Clear 100-Man Brawl under 4 minutes 100-Man Melee 1
    Clear Target Level 5 With Anyone 3D Hot Rally Title
    Hit 37,500ft. combnd with all fighters' Home-Run Contest records. Ai no Uta (French Version)
    Have a total of 50 hours of vs. gameplay Bob-Omb Battlefield (Super Mario 64)
    Hit 1,200 feet or more in Home-Run Contest with any character Clu Clu Land
    Unlock Toon Link Dragon Roost Island
    Play 10 vs. matches on Port Town Dream Chaser
    Brawl on the Frigate Orpheon stage 10 times Echoes (Metroid Prime 2)
    Play 10 vs. matches on Norfair Ending (Metroid)
    Complete Target Test Lv.2 under 19 seconds with any character Excite Truck
    Complete Event #24 Fire Field
    Play on the Halberd stage 10 times in VS mode Frozen Hillside
    Play 10 vs. matches on Halberd Goruda
    Complete Event #33 on Difficult Great Temple
    Clear Classic Mode on Easy with any character Ice Climbers (Melee)
    Clear Classic on Normal Difficulty with any character Icicle Mountain (Melee)
    Find Ike in the Subspace Emissary Ike's Theme
    Complete Event #15 King Dedede's Theme
    Get a distance of 400m in Home-Run Contest with one character Kuru Kuru Land
    Complete Event #13 Legendary Air Rider Machine
    Get a combined distance of 12500m in Home-Run Contest Love Song (commercial version)
    Defeat 50 alloys in Endless Multi-Man Brawl Mach Rider (melee version)
    Unlock All 35 Characters Menu 2
    Play 10 vs. matches on Frigate Orpheon Metroid Prime 2: Multi-Play
    Unlock Toon Link Molgera Battle
    Complete Event #18 on Difficult Mountain and Forest
    Unlock all Melee stages Peach Castle (Melee)
    Collect 200 stickers Pokémon Center
    Play 10 vs. matches on Castle Siege Powerhungry Fool
    Complete Event #8 Road to Tokiwa
    Play 15 vs. matches on Shadow Moses Island Snake Eater
    Complete Event #37 Song of Storms
    Clear Classic Mode on Difficult Staff Credits Music
    Complete Event #38 on Difficult Star Wolf (Star Fox: Assault)
    Clear All-Star Mode on Easy Taru Taru Heights
    Unlock Toon Link The Great Sea
    Clear Target Smash Level 5 Title from 3D Hot Rally
    Play 10 vs. matches on Mushroomy Kingdom Underwater BGM (Super Mario Bros)
    Play on "Green Hill Zone" 10 times HIS WORLD

    Contributed by: Mario-Luige 

  12. Unlockable Stage Builder Parts

    Code Effect
    Play 10 vs. matches on Stage Builder Stages Edit Parts A
    Create 5 Stages in Stage Builder Edit Parts B
    Create 15 Stages in Stage Builder Edit Parts C

    Contributed by: Mario-Luige 

  13. Unlock Virtual Console Trials

    Code Effect
    Exceed 10 hours of play time Donkey Kong
    Win in VS mode with Peach over 5 times Super Mario USA
    Play yoshi's Island (melee) over 3 times Super Mario World
    Beat SSE having used captain Falcon F-zero
    Use Toon Link over 10 times Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

    Contributed by: R351D3NT3V1L4 

  14. Unlock More Rules

    More Rules Is Located On the Rules Screen At The Bottom

    Code Effect
    Get 200 KOs In Standard Brawl More Rules

    Contributed by: lizard81288 

  15. Unlockable Events

    Code Effect
    Complete 7 events Events 11-20
    Complete the Subspace stage in Adventure Mode Events 21-28
    Unlock all hidden characters Events 29-40
    Complete all 40 evnts Event 41
    Complete the Subspace stage in Adventure Mode Co-op Events 9-13
    Complete 10 Co-Op Events and unlock all hidden characters Co-op Events 14-20
    Complete all 20 Co-op Events Co-op Event 21

    Contributed by: Coleby 

  16. Unlockable Stickers

    There are certain stickers in the game you cannot randomly collect off the ground, in which you must meet specific requirements to achieve these stickers.

    Code Effect
    Hit over 900 ft. in the Home-Run Contest Boo [Mario Tennis]
    Defeat 10 Alloys in Cruel Brawl Liquid Snake [Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes]
    Clear Classic mode on Easy difficulty with any character Running Chibi-Robo [Chibi-Robo]
    Clear All-Star mode on Normal difficulty with any character Phyllis [Animal Crossing: Wild World]
    Clear 100-Man Brawl in under 3 minutes, 30 seconds Ryuta Ippongi [Duendan 2]

    Contributed by: Coleby 

  17. Unlock Hidden Assist Trophies

    There are 6 secret assist trophies in total. Below are the methods for unlocking them.

    Code Effect
    Unlock Sonic the Hedgehog. Shadow the Hedgehog Assist Trophy
    Unlock 25 or more CDs. Barbara Assist Trophy
    Unlock Snake. Gray Fox Assist Trophy
    Play 100 brawls. Ray MK III Assist Trophy
    Play 200 brawls. Isaac Assist Trophy
    Play 300 brawls. Advance Wars Assist Trophy

    Contributed by: jimbo the monkey 

  18. Random Stage Switch

    To unlock random stage switch under the rules option, you need to unlock all the stages with additional rules enabled.

    Contributed by: Llamaman2 

  19. New Sound Test Categories

    To hear the sounds from these new categories in the sound test, do the following:

    Code Effect
    Unlock all characters. Fanfare
    Unlock all characters. Kirby's Copy Abilities
    Clear the subspace emissary. Subspace Enemies and Bosses
    Unlock Boss Battles and All-Star. Narration
    Unlock all assist trophies. Assist Trophies 3

    Contributed by: Llamaman2 

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