Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Secret Robots/Characters/Weapons/Items

    Code Effect
    Make sure your main character has at least 50 kills by stage 26. Destroy Sangar on stage 26. Be on Hard Difficulty. Shishio Blade
    Make sure your opposite main character (Ryusei or Kyosuke) has at least at least 55 kills before stage 32. Graviton Launcher
    Daitetsu (Ryusei Route) or Lefina (Kyosuke Route) must be at least level 35 by the end of stage 34 Hero Symbol
    Daitetsu (Kyosuke Route) or Lefina (Ryusei Route) must be at least level 38 by the end of level 37. Soul of Metal
    Take the Ryusei Route. Keep the ability to combine into SRX
    On stage 28, reduce the HP of the Valcion Kai below 10% within 5 turns. Valcion Kai
    Destroy it on stage 30. R-GUN
    Take the Ryusei Path. Lion-F
    Destroy it with either Task or Rai on stage 24. Guarlion
    Have Ingram be at level 32 before stage 30 (Ryusei Route) or Villeta at level 23 by stage 19 on the Kyosuke route. Huckebein 008L
    Destroy the R-GUN on stage 30 on Kyosuke's path without getting the Huckebein 008L. Grungust
    Destroy the R-GUN on stage 30 on Ryusei's path Gespenst Mk-II S
    On the Kyosuke Route, make sure Guilliam is at least level 23 by stage 19. Gespenst-R
    Take the Kyosuke Route. Kai
  2. New Game+

    Beat the game once with Kyosuke and Ryusei to unlock New Game+

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