Super Robot Taisen OE: Operation Extend Cheats For PSP

  1. How to double the killing result

    When an enemy group attacks you, if the battle screen shows that that group did a support attack on its own (not being supported by another group), a glitch occurs. That is, at that time if you defeat the whole enemy group (or at least one enemy in the group) by counterattacking with the above mentioned condition, you will receive two times the result in everything: kill, money, experience and items drop. It even stack with seishin Luck (Koun) or Bless (Shukufuku) or Gain (Ouen) or Gut (Doryoku), which means the result will be 2x(seishin's effect) times greater. To be more specific, Luck lv3 give x2 times more items and money, so with this glitch, it gives x4 times. The same with Gain. For example, if you succeed in counterattacking a Bat-Shu group of 5 and cast Luck lv3, each Bat-Shu worth 900 gold and 1 item drop, you will receive 900x5x4 = 18000 gold, 1x5x4 = 20 items, and experience points x4 (if you also cast Gain (any lv)). The down point of this glitch is you have to kill enemies one by one and that means no breakthrough or MAP attack are available, but who care since the result is great!

    Contributed by: joekage 

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