Super Punch-Out!! Cheats For Super Nintendo

  1. Special Ending Scenes

    To see special ending scenes, simply beat the Special Circuit without losing. It'll show new scenes along with the ones normally shown.

    Contributed by: Walker Boh Ohmsford 

  2. How to change the position of your challengers hands

    If you hold up untill the ding of the bell, your challengers hands will be up and ready to block jabs. If you do not hold anything, after the ding, your challengers hands will be down, ready to block body blows. This is useful if your trying to get a strategy to work. This works at the beginning of the fight and when they get up from knock-downs.

    Contributed by: DDRcrosskenshin 

  3. Unlockables

    Code Effect
    Have a 4-0 score on the Minor, Major and World Circuits Special circuit

    Contributed by: Ganondorf729 

  4. Codes

    Code Effect
    Highlight ''New Game'' and press X+A. Enter your name in Japanese
    When the Nintendo logo appears, hold the L+R buttons on Controller 2. Listen to the sound effects and music with Controller 1. Sound Test

    Contributed by: Andrew Harris 

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