BK Chicken Fingers and a Budget Title? Wow, America is great

THis has to be hands down the best budget title Ive ever played. I dont think I have ever gotten a full game with online multiplayer for $4...and then Big Bumpin' comes to my hands.

The game is simply to understand. You hop into a bumper car and fight your way through various mini games, much like a Fusion Frenzy, except with bumper cars, and better games. Games vary from hockey to keeping the puck the longest or trying to stay alive the longest. These all provide many good moments of gaming. There arent really any complications to the gameplay, you use boost when you want to, and pick up occasional power ups.

The graphics are nothing to sneeze at. They are actually down farely well for a promotional budget game. THe colors will pounce out at you when you play this game and you feel like your immersed in a carnival game.

Overall this is a great budget game. It will give you some time to kill with entertaining mini games, and you can take your skills online. So dont sit around, go get a Whooper and down it, then pop this game into your Xbox or Xbox 360.