Mind-blowing until the alien segment. The demo just doesn't do the game justice!

I'm starting to get the feeling that those bad reviews come from people who just played the Crysis demo, and played it through only once or twice. I played the demo about 20 times before I gave in and bought the game (couldn't make it to Christmas). I thought Crysis would follow suit with the demo: a few KPA soldiers every 100 yards in "Far-Cry-esque" environments. Man was I wrong! After that initial level, things heat up to the point where I was trying to survive, even on easy mode! I spent most of my time with the demo orchestrating cool sequences to take out each soldier. Grab, strength mode, throw, shoot, smash, grab, etc. I don't want to give away the scope of this game before you drop your jaw too, but, I'll suffice to say that at times it feels the entire KPA Army is fighting you at one time. Imagine playing through your favorite James Bond action scene with a nano-suit and your fighting N. Koreans instead of henchmen. The tanks, helicopters, trucks, dropships are all here. This is Halo 3 for adults!