Great fighting game for anyone who likes fighting games or naruto!

This is the the best fighting game that i have ever played! (But has some flaws)

So the game has Story mode,Versus mode,Online mode and of course options.

So first the good:
This game has 44 playable chars from naruto,(and 1 from tekken) and each of them has awesome combos/moves and jutsus.
88 actually if you count awakening modes, Because when you use awakening mode your char changes into a much cooler looking and he gets new moves and jutsus for the char for the rest of the match!!
So thats an a enormous amount of chars compared to any other naruto game or just any other fighting game!!
And theres 22 unique and cool destructible stages that you can choose of!
And the story mode is great too with all its twists,drama and animation and in story mode you can also explore the hidden leaf village, sand village and the huge forest and desert
The game has also great graphics, great voice acting, beautiful environment and so on...
So with all this the gameplay is awesome!

The bad:
The game has no tournament mode so you cannot play against a lot of different guys without choosing the opponent after every match.
If you want to fight a lot of different guys you just have to go to versus mode where you can fight against computer or another player or you can just watch computers fight but anyway just choose your opponent and fight and then the same thing again, you choose opponent and fight... So you have to choose your opponent after every match...
But of course theres online mode but there almost every guy uses the same guy: killer bee,sage naruto or pain.
And the another thing about online mode that theres too many spammers that uses a jutsu and run away and recharge their chakra and use their jutsu again. And if you try to attack them they just use substitution jutsu and appear behind you and attack few times and run away again.
But if you find some guys that are not spammers the online mode will be awesome!

But overall the game is amazing!!!