Trust me I love the Super Monkey Ball series, but this game focused on adventure and it failed to even do that well. :(

User Rating: 5 | Super Monkey Ball Adventure GC
As I said I love the series, but sadly this one was a dissappointment.

Graphics: Yuk! Some people might say these look better, but they look uglier and lose there cuteness. The enviorments look boring and bland too. I prefer how Aiai looks in Sonic Riders then in this.

Sound: Not excellent, but not terrible. Really, the movement of the monkey ball sounds like toilet plunger or sucktion cuff.

Voice: I really can't criticize the monkey's voiceovers. This means a lot of reading though.

Music: To tell you the truth I really didn't notice the music because once I started to hear it, I hated it and tuned it out.

Gameplay: SUCKS! This is by far the worst Mokey Ball game ever! The jumping puzzles are annoying, the movement seems off, and also the stroy sucks! Multiplayer isn't much better. Monkey Race is pretty good (the first level reminds me of Radical City from Sonic R), but it isnt excellent. Also your monkey usally falls off for no reason. Monkey Fight isn't much different. Monkey Target has been scewered and now the wind sucks and it has stupid targets to land on. Monkey Bounce is like a bad Mario Party game. Monkey Target is fun, but it gets old. Oh did I mention the load times. They suck!!!! Monkey Target takes 30 seconds to load. You do the course and then another 30 seconds then you play then load. Boring! Challenge mode is fun, yet too much of the same.

Overall I wish that SEGA would learn from this game and not make another mistake with the Super Monkey Ball Franchise.

Sadly, I was left disappointed more than satisfied for the first time in the series.

Also the difficulty comes from the bad camera and control.

I give Super Monkey Ball Adventure a 5.0 out of 10.