Very disappointing let down to a game I highly anticipated

User Rating: 4.7 | Super Monkey Ball Adventure GC
If you are a fan of the MB series, Stay away from this game!
If you are a fan of platform adventure games, Stay away from this game!
If you enjoy clumsy controls, incomprehensible story line, lack of details and poorly explained objectives, then you might enjoy this game.
Being a fan of the MB series, I was very excited to learn several months ago that an adventure form of the game was coming. I waited quite patiently for the game to arrive. Let me say that I am so glad that all I wasted on this game was a free rental coupon (and it was a waste!)
The controls are clunky, it is sometimes near to impossible to figure out what the dumb monkey citizens want you to do for them while you wonder why they can't just do it themselves, and even the party games are not enough to save this catastophe of a game (although cannon provides the satisfaction of destroying things). Oh, and the 'Puzzle Realm' challenges are sadistically difficult! By the second round in they are nearly impossible for the average gamer to complete. I had to play some of them so many times I lost count, (but I wouldn't be surprized if it was 40-50 times) and of course you are required to complete about 3/4 of them before you can continue on your 'adventure.' The voice over of 'GO!' and 'Fallout' have a couple variations to them, but are exceedingly annoying if you are repeadetly trying to finish the puzzle.
The graphics are pretty good in my humble opinion, probably the only good thing about the game. It takes forever to load anything, however. It seemed like it got stuck/staggered every so often when shooting off to the puzzle realm, as well.
Don't waste your time or your hard earned money on this game, no matter how much you think you like the series. I am returning it before it is even due, since I got through very little of the game. If only I could demand a replacement title for the remainder of the rental period. Nearly anything is better than this. It is a total let down to what could have been an awesome game.