How much is a sealed Super Metroid worth?

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I found this convinience store in my city, that has some old sealed games (ps1, saturn, snes, mega drive, mega-cd, game boy). Its owner used to have a gaming store, and some 10 years ago he closed it, but he brought all the remaining games with him. It seems that he has 2 sealed copies of Super Metroid (Big Box, pal version). How much do you think these go by these days?

I'll try to take some pictures these days, just to prove it.

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I know you'll probably never come back to this thread since it took over a month to get a response but if by any chance you come back, post those pics. If its the players choice edition it should cost no less than 200$ if its the original release, then oh boy. I'd say no less than 400$.

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This should give you an idea