Real hardcore gaming. Amazing design, soundtrack and playability. You choose how far you go with it. Addictive as hell.

User Rating: 9.5 | Super Meat Boy X360
You want a mild difficulty game? You have it. Play some light levels. You want pure hardcore? You got it. Try to beat each level of the regular game, try to catch every single bandage, and try to unlock the bonus levels and warp zones (and beat them, of course). Need more? Internet levels! If you love platform games made the old-school way, with smooth controls and no mercy level designs, that's your game for sure. In addition, the soundtrack is just brilliant. You will spend so many time in some worlds that the music will penetrate your brain, for sure, and you will love it. Possibly, a new classic for the future generation of gamers. If you play the Steam version, some achievements are almost impossible, but you choose when you stop playing. If you can. And now you can use the level editor to create new levels. Another way to have a lot of fun. I really love this game.