Super Meat Boy is a great platformer with simple controls great levels and is very challenging

User Rating: 9 | Super Meat Boy X360
Super Meat Boy is a great platformer all the levels are great the graphics all though simple still look great and the level design is great and it is a very challenging game it is no cake walk but very simple controls make it challenging but not impossible and is just a great platforming game.

Graphics are simple but they still look great there are some great looking levels and there are warp zone levels that look like the old games but there great the graphics of the game are great just simple.

Gameplay this is where the game really shines the levels are not very long about usually about 20 to 40 seconds long but some are longer but the levels are great the platforming is fast and fun there are about 8 or 9 other characters in the game that you can play as like tim where if you cant get that bandage with meat boy you will most likely get it with him because you can rewind time so before you fall into spikes or just fall you can rewind time there are others that can fly for abit to get over spikes or between spikes abit easier the characters do play quite differently to each other like bit trip runner is alot slower and can stay in the air longer and meat boy who is the fastest character but all the characters are all different and all play great the controls are great overall great fast platforming precise controls and different characters to play as make it a great platformer.

Story well really there isnt that much of a story but what can you expect from super meat boy a simple but awesome platformer but it similar to other platforming stories abit like the mario game because super meat boy has had is girlfriend band aid girl stolen from him by some super villain and has to go through salt factories spike filled levels and overcome some bosses and at the end of every level band aid girl gets stolen to another level the game does have some quite funny cutscenes so just a normal platformer story really but the cutscenes are funny.

Replay well there is loads to do in this game there is over 200 hundred levels to complete there are quite a few warp zones loads of bandages to collect and it is quite a hard game you can die like 100 hundred time in about 1 min but the deaths are never the games fault it just determines how much skill you have in platformers so overall great replay value and will take some time to 100 percent it.

the Good

great graphics
awesome gameplay
great controls
loads of replay value
loads of characters to play as
funny cutscenes
great value
great sound

the Bad


Graphics 8.5/10

Gameplay 10/10

Story 8.5/10

Replay 9.5/10

Sound 9.5/10

Value 9.5/10

Overall 9.0/10 A- AWESOME

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this is a great platformer and at only 800 or 1200 ms it is great value and a must buy for any platformer fans.
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