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User Rating: 3.5 | Super Meat Boy PC
There must have been some serious money given to reviewers to make them love this game so much.
Super Meat Boy is just another platformer, absolutely nothing special, innovative or unique about this game. The 'story' bleh, there is no motivation to continue playing. The graphics are not exceptional, and neither is the platforming physics.
Unless you have never seen a platformer game before, pass this one up until its free on Steam or something, otherwise, dont waste your time.
Or better yet, Google "Flash Platform Game" to play thousands of games with the same exact gameplay with 10x less loading and that are 100% free.
It makes me sick to think that this game was even nominated for game of the year awards.
There really isnt much more to be said but I have to make the stupid minimum character limit so I might as well just continue rambling on.