All I need to say is....THIS GAME IS FREAKIN' HARD!

User Rating: 9.5 | Super Meat Boy X360
I've been following this game for a long time.
I don't remember for how long, but long enough to say, I knew that this game was going to be one of the best downloadable titles of the Year.

After Much Delays and much anticipation (and a couple of Microsoft Points laying around), I got a hold of this game.



The Plot of the entire game is shown in plain Black and White....Literally.

When you boot up the game you'll see a Black and White scene where it introduces the Protagonist, Meat Boy, and His Girlfriend, Bandaid Girl, and the Antagonist, Dr. Fetus, who takes Bandaid Girl away from Meat Boy and Meat Boy goes to save Bandaid Girl.

And that's the Plot.


All I need to say is....THIS GAME IS FREAKIN' HARD!

Most of the 1st levels though are pretty easy as the take you through the steps of the game, and the developers were even so generous enough to give you signs to teach you how to play the game, as well as to give you infinite lives. (trust me, you WILL die a LOT. so be thankful that you have infinite lives for the most part.)
Even though the first few levels were easy and show you the ropes, it only gets harder from there, as you will need to find out how to get Bandaids to unlock certain characters (which can be tricky to get) and finding out how to get to Bandaid girl as fast as you can to obtain that "A+" clear, but sometimes you'll get so frustrated that you wouldn't even care about the "A+" clear or the Bandaid, you'll just want to get to Bandaid Girl.

Now as for most of the Levels themselves, even though they are hard, they are also short and can be finished in a matter of seconds.

There are also Bosses in this game, and they're not your typical boss where you have to jump on them. They're more of a Survival type of boss where most of the time, you just need to dodge the enemy and find keys or beat the boss in a race or trick the boss into hurting itself, but mostly, you just need to survive.
Also before and after each Boss you get a neat cinematic that moves the *ahem* "Plot" forward.

The Same type of Cinematics can be found when you enter a world and they can remind you of other games like Street Fighter or Castlevania.

Also if you're worried that this game won't have any Replay Value, don't worry, In contrast to the regular levels you can unlock the "Dark Worlds" versions of each Level, making all the levels you played, HARDER than before. and you'll get more levels with "Teh Internets" and another Level that will be available when you beat the game the first time.


When you play the game, you'll come across Bandaids that will unlock secret characters like Alien Hominoid or Gish, from other indie flash games, and you can also unlock other characters through Warp Zones which can be tricky to find and sometimes give you limited number of lives. These Characters can be selected before entering a Level or can be switched when you are IN a level.

You can also save Replays of Levels you have done, each time you finish a level you're greeted with a Replay that shows all the Meat Boys that have perished and one Meat Boy making it to the end. This is a nifty feature in Meat Boy but it's a shame you really can forward these to friends that also have the game.

Leader Boards are also in this game, You can see who beat what level or levels and how fast they did it. But Unlike Megaman 10's Leader Boards, you can see how they did it.

After Playing Super Meat Boy for at least 12 hours, I can say that I was right that this has got to be one of the best downloadable game I've ever played.

I'm giving Super Meat Boy a 9.5/10