Super Meat Boy will kick your ass, and you will enjoy it if you can handle it.

User Rating: 9 | Super Meat Boy X360
Wow, this game is freaking awesome. It's so charming and hilarious. If you don't laugh watching one of these cutscenes, you have no soul. Super Meat Boy is unpredictable, it's challenging, but best of all, it's deep. Over 300 levels, stuff to collect, characters to unlock, and going all the way through everything will test your skill and patience. This is one of the best games to release all year, and is right up there with Limbo. It's so difficult at times that it makes Limbo look easy. There is constantly something to strive for while playing this game and that's part of what makes it so fun. There are bandages to collect which contribute to achievements and hidden character unlocks, warp zones in some levels for more retro-inspired challenge, par times to beat for every level (except boss fights) which unlocks a harder, Dark World version of the level with more bandage, warp zones, etc. to go after. Sometimes the level even "glitches" at random and if you complete it while that happens you go to a different, much more difficult world which is reminiscent to "Minus World" in Super Mario Bros.

Constant nods to past classic games and great indie developer humor coupled with tons of fun characters to unlock makes this game a hell of a lot of fun. The characters have different abilities too. Commander Video from Bit.Trip.Video can glide through the air while Tim from Braid can rewind time for three seconds. There are so many levels to play and so many ways to play through them with a large variety of characters to unlock, Super Meat Boy is packed with charm and challenge.