WOW!! So good...

User Rating: 9.5 | Super Meat Boy X360
I watched the game play online and said screw it I'm spending the Microsoft credits to purchase this Arcade game from Xbox

The graphics are perfect for the type of game it is. Its fast, action packed and very, VERY, VVVVEEEEERRRRRRRYYYY challenging. Needless to say there are levels where you are ready to pull your hair out, but the fascinating thing is you cannot put the game down. Even after doing the same level over and over again I couldn't stop until I completed it, and when I did beat the level it was full-filling. The music fits the game perfectly and the controls are precise and easy to figue out. My only complaint is the leader boards are not visible. That said there could have been a bug or a problem on my end.

After 8 solid hours of game play my fingers hurt and I decided to write this review. This game is definitely worth the 800 credits and I recommend it to everyone.