Not great, but for the beggining of the 90s... Not bad at all

I got this game as a gift from an uncle of mine (the same that gave me his - then mine - Sega Genesis =) ), and it was my first soccer game ever.

FIFA International Soccer has good graphics (c'mon, it was made in 1993!! those kids that grew up playing PSX just don't have the correct notion of the year factor in what it comes to comparing games!!) along with the best crowd animation I've seen nearly until the appearence of PSX soccer games, great sound effects, including the sound of the ball being beaten by the player's foot and action-reactive crowd (you can hear the crowd going nuts when the ball gets close to the goals, or a big BUUHH when a foul is committed).

The game-play seems to be its main flaw, as if you keep pressing the shooting key, you'll probably score a goal easily and without knowing how... You can still make nice plays, and the ability to create a curved shoot it's really innovative in this genre.

The teams aren't 100% correct in what it comes to their true ability, but the main teams (Brazil, Germany, Holland...) are pretty good. The players' names are fictional, due to the copyright detained by their clubs (as it happens today with the PES series), although the names are almost the same, and the real players are easily recognised.

This is not a game I play very often today, but it's still a nice game, and worth a try-out.