Just too wonderful to miss, shame on anyone that's passed by the best 2d platformer ever made.

User Rating: 9.9 | Super Mario: Yoshi Island SNES
Just before everything was set in stone, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island slipped under the door just in time to present the most memorable game in the SNES library. The graphics of this game can not be fathomed; it's definitely Super Mario World 2's strongest point. It's like a picture book has come to life, with bright colors and crayon textures embedded into a totally original Mario world. What most people don't know is that Super Mario World 2 was supposed to have the same graphics engine as the original Super Mario World, but Nintendo wanted Myiamoto to use something similar to the graphics in Donkey Kong Country, so Myiamoto, despite Nintendo's orders, decided to use this brilliant kid's book style that worked so well. Instead Nintendo gave Square Soft the job to use the 3d graphics the SNES was capable of, in return, producing the gem we know as Super Mario RPG and the Legend of the 7 Stars (this was just an insider fact that I decided to bring out for fun). As the game starts out, Mario and Luigi were just born, and a stork takes them back to their home to live out their lives, but on the way to their house, the stork is ambushed and both brothers are separated. After this, Mario finds himself falling into a community of Yoshi's on a mission to get this little bugger reunited with his lost brother. As you control Yoshi through the various, highly imaginable levels, you'll notice how well it controls, as well as a few other things. One feature that you'll notice is the amount of enemies in the game will stick to the tried and true formula that the original title created. it's impossible to predict what's around every corner, as you encounter many totally new baddies that will actually have AI, rather than the outdated Mario baddies before, where most enemies just do their thing, while having minimal recollection of what's really going on. There are also a few mini games that add another new idea to the title; you can also find secrets to play the games whenever you want. The boss battles in Super Mario World 2 will put the original's to shame, with innovative ways to overcome bosses, cartoon like animation, and original fights that will not ever just copy past Mario games. There are far more secrets hidden within this game, considering that most secrets in Super Mario World were just lives and power ups, in this prequel, you'll be trying to earn %100 on every level by finding the 5 five hidden flowers, all 20 (I'm pretty sure it's 20) red coins, and have all 30 timer stars filled up (each second Mario is off Yoshi's back, you'll lose a timer star). For this adventure, Yoshi will have many different abilities that he can produce, starting off, is Yoshi's ability to eat enemies to produce up to six throw able eggs that often help you solve puzzles, beat bosses, and find secrets; there is also a couple other secret throwing objects that pop up in a few levels in the game. Also making a first show in the Mario franchise are the water melons he can eat to use as weapons; there's a regular water melon, which Yoshi spits out seeds like a low powered machine gun, there's a fire water melon, which allows Yoshi to breath fire, and an ice water melon, which gives Yoshi the power to freeze enemies and then break them by walking through them (amazing ice effects in this game). Now on to the even more innovative abilities, Yoshi, ever so often, will find places in levels where he is to transform into different vehicles to get passed them; these vehicles include him turning into a car, mole digger thing, a train, and a helicopter, all vehicles are used in substantially different ways that all provide their own unique side trip to some of the levels through out the game. There are also extra little helpful items that Yoshi can use, such as the plus 5-20 time stars item and the question mark cloud item that appears on the screen. The only problems in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island is the sometimes very annoying cries that Mario unleashes upon the speakers of your poor TV. And also the fact that the game can be beaten in a few or even a couple non-stop gaming days your first time around, but I don't know anyone that's only beaten this game one time, so it shouldn't matter too much. A legend that has not been properly set in place until every gamer has experienced its glory. A must own in every way imaginable.