SImply and amazing and wonderful game. Any platformer fan should play it.

User Rating: 10 | Super Mario: Yoshi Island SNES
Simply put, this game is amazing. With the exception of baby mario crying ( giving incentive not to get hit) , their is practically nothing wrong with the game. The gameplay is awesome, and not too hard. Trying to collect everything,however, is much more challenging ( especially trying not to get hit on the bosses). The music is wonderful ( especially the final battle, some of the best bowser music there is ). ANd, one of the best things about the game, is when you get 100% on a world, a bonus level and game show up. Not too many games give allow more gameplay for completing a game. The game lives up to the standard set by the first Super Mario World, and is just as good in almost every way. If you have never played this game, then this is a must have for mario fans and platformer fans alike.