Simply awesome in just every aspect.

User Rating: 10 | Super Mario: Yoshi Island SNES
Super Mario World 2:Yoshi's Island is just an amazing game.A Super Nintendo masterpiece if you ask.Featuring amazing graphics for SNES standards and so many levels to play through.This Game is one of my childhood favorites.It blew me away back then and still to this day im still loving Yoshi's Island.Now the story is that as a Stork is carrying 2 Babies A Magikoopa comes and attack.One Baby falls but the other gets kidnapped.It lands on the back of a Yoshi and it has a Red Cap who is Mario in his early years.The Yoshi agrees to help and the adventure begins.A Simple story but it defenitly works well.This game is platforming at it's best.If you played alot of Mario World you will feel right at home.The graphics in this game are simply amazing.Some of the best on the Super Nintendo along with Donkey Kong Country.The crayon style graphics are amazing.It looks very beatiful and still to this day I love them.Also most of the time you play as Yoshi.You will not die from easily.You just need to keep Baby Mario on your back before he flies away in a Bubble.The level designs are also great with over 50 Levels to play as well.Featuring levels like Caves,The Plains,Lakes,Snowy Mountains and much more.The Bosses in this game are also amazing as well.You fight some bosses with some unique desings.With characters like Raphel Raven,Tap Tap,A Giant Koopa and much more.It will give you challenge and please you as well.The music in this game is also very memorible and it defenitly put a smile on your face.Overall Super Mario World 2:Yoshi's Island is an awesome game and it's well worth a look.With great graphics,So Many Levels and amazing bosses this game will keep you busy.