Takes a while to get going, a long time really. Some poor finishing in the graphics too.

User Rating: 9 | Super Mario Galaxy WII
I cant even bring myself to keep playing it, its that uncomfortable to play, theres no way to rest your arm so its nice and it feels like mario 64 with the remote stuck on. The crystal firing is completely pointless and annoying and the balancing on ball and manray racing is awful, compare that to the penguin racing in the old mario and its just not as good.

*Update several goes later

I have now reached the first good level, staking on ice, then another good level with sand. It is a shame in the blinded reviews it does not mention the terrible initial levels and it takes a long time to get to the good levels, a very long time, especially if you play a galaxy until its nearly done (i guess the reviewers didnt do this)

I now enjoy it and I didnt think I would, although the quality of graphics and finish is not good for a game of this fame. One level in the sky where you chase the rabbit the bushes look so stuck on, even the textures arent the right way round and theres a small but blatent gap in the floor where you can see the sky. Other touches let it down too like the horrible gold decor on the galaxy doors and things like that. The attention to detail should have been far better.