Revolutionary; Realistic

This game is the most realistic sports I've ever played. The QB controls make feel as if you ARE not controlling Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Michael Vick or My man: Donavan McNabb. Look, you have to read the defense and make the pass placements. Of course some people don't read the coverage but if you want to feel the realisticness (if that's a word) the game has to offer, then I suggest you start acting like it becasue you can and it will give a greater appreciation for it. Some people say - well - most people say that Madden 05 was off the hook but what about 06? Where the Hit stick meets the truck stick? Where you have control of your passes. When the defense chases you, if you can't focus on your targeted receiver in time... "3rd down and ten, ball on the 58".

This is the first time that madden made the game this real. Before it was just a game. But now, you have to get your head in the game. Just the thought of the vision cone and precision placement is phenomenal. This set the pace. Why do think they're going to focus on the running game now? Why do think they're making that all star stick or highlight stick or whatever it's called? They're making the QBs have different playing styles like in real life and now they're going to make the running backs have their different running styles. This set the pace that no other football game in this decade will be able to catch. yeah, about this whole review, i was just happy. it really isn't that great a game. i dont even know y im editing this review because i know no one is going to read it. but any way, im just looking forward to madden 08. that's going to be the realistic one. its about time ea, it really is.