A masterpiece and absolute must have for wii owners

User Rating: 9.5 | Super Mario Galaxy WII
You know, I regret getting this game so late, at the end of the wii's lifespan. I missed so much in those 4 years. This game is absolutely a masterpiece ,and if you do not like this game you are inhuman. The level design in this game is extremely creative, and Super Mario Galaxy uses the gravity effect to it's fullest. Some moments in this game feel like a 2-d platformer and others have a SM64 feel to them with it's own unique Touch. This game can be very challenging and rewarding with content for seasoned and new gamers alike. Old things from other mario games make their way into Super Mario Galaxy, while new creative enemies, power ups, and bosses revolutionize the gameplay. The graphics in Super Mario Galaxy are nothing spectacular but the surroundings have a very spacey feel and make you feel very immersed in the world. The plot is classic with Princess Peach captured by Bowser once again. You are also introduced to new characters like Rosalina, a group of Toad adventurers, and the star people. The soundtrack is good and adds to the space theme. Beautifully crafted and extremely well made, you can tell effort went into Super Mario Galaxy and is a must have Wii game.