GGG-Great Galaxy Game

User Rating: 10 | Super Mario Galaxy WII
This game has to be one of the most lengthily, action-packed, and creative games on the market. Super Mario Galaxy is a great game for families, kids, teens, and adults. Its great graphics really sucks you into the game. Also all the galaxies, planets, and observatories really keep you playing for a while. What also keeps you playing for a while is playing the whole game over again (after you beat it with Mario) with Luigi. The difficulty is also just right that it will be challenging at parts and sort of easy at others. This game also has a great mix of classic music and new music to enjoy. The co-op mode is ok but not great but still it will feel fun to have someone else playing with you. This game is great in every way possible (graphics, music, game play, length, and just plain fun). This is defiantly a game to check out.