that is worst mario game but that is good

User Rating: 7 | Super Mario Galaxy WII
Super Mario Galaxy is a game that could best be described as a moon that is caught in the gravitational pull of two planets (why not, it's a fitting correlation for the game). One of the planets has great and revolutionary ideas for gaming but the other one has everything that could be wrong with a game. Both planets immerse a little bit onto the caught moon. That's SMG.

Admittedly the space and sci-fi approach is a good idea to try. And the graphics are among the best I have ever seen, if not the best. Although I'm one of those who honestly couldn't care less about how great graphics are they just deserve a shout-out.

Now the game has a problem: it's too easy! Now while it's a given fact that as gaming has gone on it's become steadily easier there's no reason whatsoever it should descend this low. I beat the game in 10 days. TEN DAYS!!! While that's the normal playthrough I got an extra 10 stars then the needed 60. I got 120 before the summer's over.

Super Mario Galaxy was a great IDEA for a game but in the end has too many flaws to honestly compete with the ground that Super Mario 64 broke 11 years ago.