Flawless, Super Mario 64's successor maxed on one try.

User Rating: 9.5 | Super Mario Galaxy WII
Mario. Without a doubt the greatest hero in the world (he's better than my mommy!). He has been racing, playing soccer basketball, tennis, and olympic games. Now (bum... bummm.... bummmm..... ba-bum!!!!!!!!!), he is going to go face his greatest feat yet. He is going into space (ba-duh-bummm..... ba-duh bum bum bummm bummmmmmm!!!!!)! With tons of new stars and galaxies to unlock and beat, Mario is back with a hit. Mario answers his calls to Luigi, has to follow the laws of gravity, eats mushrooms hidden behind planets, in a Super Mario 64 improvement! Play as mario (and Luigi after you get all stars) to save his sweetheart Peach. Tons of features and gameplay modes make Mario the average bee working with pipes. And ghost and fire. Mario ranges from frozen to fire planets, with amazing new enemies with super graphics! That sound man, so cool. I like, listen to it while watching TV (via iPod of course). Not many game enhancing sidequests, but comets to make the game harder (only 1 life comets, etc.). J-just buy the game. I haven't played it in a while but I picked it up again and was like, "Whoa dude I forgot to buy more mini-cheeseburgers!" But a few days later I decided to review it. Anyway, peace. Spread the word. Make me level 6 so I can stark my union.