This game is fun but is no Mario 64,

User Rating: 7.5 | Super Mario Galaxy WII
Super Mario Galaxy is a Fun and Entertaining game with mind boggling levels. The Graphics are as good as they get on the Wii. The controls are simple The Story is Really good for a Mario game. But I think this game falls short in one category that is longevity. It is easy to forget about this game, it is simple and Repetitive.

Unlike Mario 64 that had a new feeling with each level Super Mario Galaxy feels like the same thing over and over. Though some new features are an improvement like the Graphics and sleek controller scheme it falls short f the Greatness that was Mario 64.

The Two player mode is a mess. One player is Mario and the other is a star that can collect star bits for Mario and make his do a spin attack. This mode is just to Boring to play and you will end up playing Super Smash Bros. or Rock band. Now a cool alternative for Multi player would be one person is Mario the Other is Luigi, now that is a unique Idea.

with all the Great Games out there like CoD4 Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Rock Band it is easy to over look this Game and have it just sitting on the shelf unbeaten.