A game that anyone who has a Wii should probably get.

User Rating: 10 | Super Mario Galaxy WII
This game is probably one of the best games you can get. The graphics are not realistic but great for the fact that it is supposed to be cartoonic. The detail however, of everything in this game is remarkable. You are even able to see every individual scale on Bowser! Another thing about this game that makes it just a little difficult is the gravity, but this makes the game so much more fun! You can run around upside down on the side and almost anywhere on planets! Luckily, its not just planet to planet to planet and so on, but has very detailed galaxies with each of them having a unique property to each of them. Some you can go swimming, some have a great view, there are individual enemies for each galaxy, and some galaxies have astounding mario powers in them! Some of the powers are as such... Fire Mario has returned in which you use the new spin ability by shaking the Wii Remote to fire a fire ball which is good for fighting enemies and required to solve certain puzzles. There is also a new one called Bee Mario which allows you to fly for a certain amount of time. There are also many others left to discover. Even if you get all the power stars for a galaxy you will need to head back to sometimes get more. The reasons are secret stars in which you need to find them and figure out how to get it, and COMETS!!! Comets allow you to get stars by giving you a challenge in that world. One comet is the Daredevil comet where you can only have one health. Another is the Doopleganger Comet where you have to race your doopleganger to the power star. Everything about this game is entertaining and exciting. There is so much to do and so many Galaxies to explore that you can't let the opportunity of having this game escape you!