One of the Better ones.

User Rating: 9 | Super Mario Galaxy WII
Through the ages there have been many mario games. Some better then the rest. "Super Mario Bros 3" stands high above the rest on my list intraducing the racoon and different a different style(towards levels and level seletion and warp worlds). Mario Galaxy is very much like Mario 64 but brings the art and game design to a different level. There is full 3d flying like 64 but with a different controll style. You can get shells to swim fast you can turn into ice and run ontop, you can skate on ice. There are lots of levels with side missions and comets that change the level or make you race a EVIL cosmic mario(he scares me). The game is not based in the mushroom kingdom which disappointed me because the mushroom kingdom is like the second best place (following the green hill zone from sonic).