A galaxy of fun for all...

User Rating: 8.5 | Super Mario Galaxy WII
This is the first 3D Mario game that I have played that isn't one of the spinoff titles like Mario Party or Mario Kart but thankfully my first 3D Mario adventure game experience has been a fantastic one and now I want more...

The Wii has always lacked the power of the PlayStation 3 and X Box 360 but despite the disadvantage, Mario Galaxy looks amazing and is probably the best looking game for the new Nintendo console. The worlds in the game offer variety in design, with exceptional detail going into making every level. The characters themselves look vastly updated without losing any of their original looks like some game characters tend to in other franchises when they are updated.

The sound is a little harder to judge despite some nice nods to older classic Mario music in the game, which brings a little smile to your face when they come on. A lot of the time you won't notice the the music though that can be just down to concentrating so hard not to get hit by some wacky trap the game makers have conjured up. The sound effects in the game are very Mario esq so no problems there and of course no voices just sounds from the characters...I would love to hear what Mario sounds like one day lol.

Mario Galaxy manages to utilize the Wii motion controls like no other game and is probably the best example to date of how to configure a game to play on the Wii. Simple to learn and use but never boring, Mario Galaxy's gameplay is enjoyable as any other game out-there with only Resident Evil 4 coming close to matching Mario on the Wii. The only issue is the camera sometimes can be at a obscure angle making it hard to see everything around you or to judge distance/height for attacks.

Not much to talk about in the AI section, the enemies act in a very basic way and its more navigating the levels and their traps that provide the challenge rather than any characters. However saying all of that that the boss fights are pretty enjoyable if not a few are a little too easy.

The game offers great value for money with a extremely enjoyable adventure game with well thought out levels and traps to navigate and more importantly there are virtually no bugs that I can think of that ruin the game at any point. The game can easily hook for you many hours & become quite addictive, offering simple but engaging gameplay in a good length single player with the option for more hours after you complete it, if you want to get all the stars in the game. A must buy for any Mario fan and a must if you ever thought about playing a Mario adventure game.