Mario is going into space for the first time in this game!

User Rating: 10 | Super Mario Galaxy WII
The True sequel to Super Mario 64 has been made and I still play it from how good it is. Of the many things about this game the fact that you can walk upside-down just makes me feel like I'm playing Super Mario 64 again.
The gameplay is awsome and really makes you feel like your in outer space. And getting to play as Luigi! That really makes me happy as I am a huge Luigi fan. The game is about just the right length. It has its hard parts and its super easy parts but beating Bowser with both Mario and Luigi makes it all worth it.
This game has the most amazing music that I've ever heard. Especially during the final boss fight. Although as usual Mario doesn't say much and neither does anyone else, the wonderful music that you hear makes you wonder why they even made voice acting instead of just putting great music in games.
Other than playing the actual game there really isn't much else to do, except maybe explore around the observatory. But there is a 2 player mode which lets you freeze enemies, which is extremelly useful in the galaxy where you have to fly around in a bubble while bullet bills are shooting at you.
This definately isn't as complicated of a story as the paper mario games or legend of zelda but it isn't too simple of a story either. This time Bowser wants to take over the Universe instead of the Mushroom Kingdom, and of course you are the only thing that can stop him by collecting the power and grand stars to power Rosalina's observatory to fly to where Bowser is hiding, and then you kill him (sort of). It ends up that Bowser created a huge sun that if destroyed would make a MASSIVE Black hole, but then your Luma freind, sacrifices himself to save you but it is later revealed that he survived on a small planet near the gateway galaxy. (where I'm guessing he will be found by either Mario or Bowser's troops in SMG2).
This game has to have the best graphics that have ever been in a Mario game. After playing this game, Sunshine looks like an 8-bit old Mario game. Of course these are not the best graphics that have ever been in any game, but the fact that Nintendo made these nice graphics for our Mario adventure you just have to not mind that the graphics are not perfect.

Gameplay: 10
Music: 10
Co-op: 8.9
Story: 10
Graphics: 10
Overall Score: 10