This is an amazing game with great effects and presentation. But how does it play? Read to find out!

User Rating: 10 | Super Mario Galaxy 2 WII
Amazing! The game is bright and colorful, there are dazzling special effects, and everything looks very smooth. Very nicely done!

Score: 5/5

Game play
This game is very, very fun to play. I didn't find myself playing a single bad galaxy. This game is filled with action packed levels, but also has nice relaxing levels. You simply must visit all 49 galaxies because no matter what the theme, you'll always want to play it again!

Score: 25/25

Lasting Appeal
With 242 stars to collect, you'll be playing this one for a long time. Not to mention you'll want to go back and re-visit previous galaxies for months, maybe even years to come!

Score: 20/20

Every song in this game is a masterpiece. From the soothing sounds of the Wild Glide Galaxy to the suspenseful music of Bowser's Galaxy Generator. You'd be crazy not to at least like the music in this game.

Score: 15/15

Extra Credit
This game already has a perfect score, but if I could give extra credit to this game, it would be for best music out of any Wii game up to this point in time and best level design.

Points Added: 0

This game is something everybody simply must add to their collection of Wii games. This is without a doubt the best Wii game...scratch that, it's the best game I've EVER played and I hope you will/do feel the same.


On a scale of 10, this game gets a perfect 10 with the title of MASTERPIECE.