If you played mario galaxy 1 , mario galaxy 2 is just more of the same with a few minor additions

User Rating: 8.5 | Super Mario Galaxy 2 WII
Mario galaxy 2 takes place once more in outter space.
Your obvious mission is to rescue princess Peach from the dumb Bowser dude and his stupid minions (including his child).

So, as you would expect there are 8 worlds, plus one extra if you beat the game, where each has a number of levels to complete. Each with its own features (ice, fire, cloudy, racing, earth, worlds etc)

The number of powerup's and habilities have been increased compared to Galaxy 1, this time we can now play as Yoshi and Luigi if we want.

Cloud, rock or even ghost mushrooms are nice new features with an specific characteristic that allow Mario do certain things to pass levels.

Along the way in this adventure, youll encounter dudes from previous mario games, so it feels kind of a tribute to all the previous ones, plus the new and refreshed characters youll encounter.

The gravity feature, and the puzzles are fun enough to keep you playing but they feel kind of childish plus , all the NEW and excitement, souprises, and such feel kind of outdated because of mario galaxy 1.

This time you once more meet the star fellows , and youll also have to collect golden stars through out the galaxy. The theme of the planets are nice, quiet a lot of variations so you dont get bored easily.

Platformers or any mario fan should definetely play this one. But keep in mind there are not such a lot of new stuff here compared to the previous release. But its an OK game. Cool stuff, very fun and entretaining moments await you.