Art and music sing Kumbaya around out of this world gameplay with Mario to orchestrate it all.

User Rating: 9.5 | Super Mario Galaxy 2 WII
Mario has been known to do innovative and epic games across generations of game consoles and this game more than follows suit with more content at an even higher quality. The plot of this game however will disappoint anyone because it's just as diluted as ever. Bowser has kidnapped the Princess because Nintendo apparently has a hard-on for turtles doing blonde chicks and like almost every Mario game ever you must save her from him. And exactly like the first Super Mario Galaxy you must ride a space ship to his fortress in space only instead of the cute space ship captain from the previous game you get the obese, purple gummy bear. Right off the bat you lose half a point for that crap story Nintendo. As for the rest of the game, it is going to be a lot like an 8 year-old's fantasy world. No surprise that the graphics and level design deliver just like all the other Mario games but what's really nice is that there's loads more diversity in the game-play even after comparisons made with the first Super Mario Galaxy. You can swing and fly upwards a bit with the addition of Yoshi, there's a nice mix of 2D and 3D within the game, and the gravity controls are even more trippy in this game. Plus, a bunch of different mini-games have been added which adds some more originality to this game. Bosses are chaotic and nicely engage the player in some different combat scenarios. Over time, the ship you ride from planet to planet accumulates loads of people and power-ups across all the worlds you've visited. What makes no sense at all would probably be the mail you receive from Peach while she's busy being 'kidnapped' and definitely not 'banging Bowsers shell off' because how does she find a mail system in which she is trapped by Bowser but still sends you letters. Maybe Bowser feels bad about your girlfriend cheating on you with a mutant ninja turtle gone rogue and decided to forge some letters to you from her and added some 1-up mushrooms just to make it look real. No one ever really stops to think about this plot at all since Bowsers been 'kidnapping' Peach since the 1980s so everyone considers it a tradition for her to get bent over and 'kidnapped' by Bowser every other year. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is an epic game and every Wii owner should own it but the plot is without a doubt a laughable premise and nothing new to a player of Mario.