Two great classics rolled into one.

User Rating: 10 | Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt NES
What a great game it's one of those games that you'll be pulling out your NES from the closet from time to time. The graphics are superb for the NES I wouldn't want them to be any better then this. The controls are well there's only two buttons a - jump b - run but if they were the other way around though they would be worse. The multi-player can be fun but you won't be playing the multi-player a lot since the game is more based around single player but the multi-player does add to the game which is a nice feature. There's no storyline really your just put into the heat of things with no idea what happened but after you jump onto the first flag you'll know what you’re goal is to do. This game has a lot of secrets surprisingly I’ve never seen a NES game like this before I played this one this is defiantly the game you'll pick up the $5 NES system for and for another buck or two you get the game. Great value. The sound is very clever and fits the game perfectly.

Shooting ducks never got funner. If you don't have the NES pick it up right now for this game. You’ll be shooting at the ducks and laughing as you try to shoot that stupid dog. You don't want to shoot ducks? You can also shoot plates. Although both involve a gun they're surprisingly not alike although you'll probably be playing duck hunt more it's nice to know that you can shoot other things. The sound is very cartoony but that's part of what makes it so addicting. The graphics are excellent some of the best NES graphics out there. In conclusion this is a superb game that combines so many elements that you'll find it so excellent you won't put it down and if you ever do put it down you'll take your NES out of the closet every so often just to play this game.

Go pick this game up now!