fun fun fun!

User Rating: 9.7 | Super Mario 64 N64
my first reaction for this game was exacly the same as with Zelda:OOT: wow mario! and in 3D too!!! get the picture.. This is a very cool platformer with superb graphics even for today's standards. again this is hours of exploring the different worlds and plain fun. even the castle has alot of secrets of it's own so you'll have to explore it too. personaly I like the tiny-huge world because of the feature with the two paintings on the wall (right for huge-land left for tiny-land).

the gameplay is very good but I just don't like the camera in this game(it's a little guy on a cloud with a camera attached to a fishingrod??) wich you can adjust with the c-buttons on the controller. I a few levels in the game it's a bit hard to adjust the camera right too continue the game but there seems no solution for it what will not affect the rest of the controlls. but it's not that bigga deal.

It's realy cool (and takes abit of time too) to collect the castles (secret)stars to save the castle and the princess....again.

mario has alot of cool moves and the whole game is a fun game to play.