Greatest DS launch title

User Rating: 9 | Super Mario 64 DS DS
Obviously the Nintendo 64 version must have been a hit for Nintendo to put this action and adventure packed game to the DS. This game is a hit with its three-dozen mini-games that use the touch screen. Read on for more information.

Starting out as Yoshi, you must rescue Mario as he rescues Luigi as he rescues Wario. This game has150 stars for you to collect on your adventure to defeat Bowser and get Princess Toadstool (Peach) back from his evil hands. Plus there are more courses to play on with seven stars on each. There are also castle secret stars that you have to find.

To get the mini-games, you must catch many rabbits. (Yes, you have to work for them.) The good part is that the rabbits are not that hard to find. It’s worth it, playing the mini-games on the touch screen and all. There are eight special glowing rabbits that appear after you get 80 stars. Catch one to get something. Catch all eight and get something even better.

If you have played the N64 version there won’t be many different surprises for you. But if you haven’t played it on N64, you’re in for a wild and whacked up adventure.