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What Gamespot Users have to say about Super Mario 64 DS

  • User Rating:10

    Any fan of Mario, Super Mario 64, or Nintendo should definately give this a try!

    This is one of my favourite DS games. The graphics are superb for a DS game and any Mario fan will love the fact that all of Mario's moves are there. The controls are easy to manage, and simple to understand even if you ... Read Full Review

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  • User Rating:9.5

    Mario Does Not Disappoint!

    The DS revamp of the 1996 hit mario title Super Mario 64 is a fun DS game, especially with the addition of minigames, 30 more stars to collect, more worlds to explore in addition to the original 15 levels, and multiplaye... Read Full Review

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  • User Rating:10

    Another great game for the Nintendo DS!!!

    Super Mario 64 was a game that released around 1996-1997 and the game changed video gaming forever. In 2004-2005, Nintendo decided to remake this game for the DS with extra stars, more characters, multiplayer, updated g... Read Full Review

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