The best Mario game since Galaxy 2. Need I say more?

User Rating: 10 | Super Mario 3D World WIIU

Apparently Nintendo read my review for New Super Mario Bros. U (hey, a guy can dream, can't he?), because they went on a whole different route in terms of story and characters you can play as. Thankfully, it paid off. Super Mario 3D World is by far the definitive way to play as the Italian Plumber we all know and love, along with all of his friends, who each control a little differently than Mario.

The level design is gorgeous to look at in HD. It's lively, colorful, and just amazing. The platforming is challenging and fair. No cheap deaths, and just traversing through each level to find secret areas and hidden goodies is a lot of fun.

The new power-ups are epic. The cat suit lets you climb walls, do a fist pound, and gives you the ability to pounce on enemies. The cherry allows you to create multiple copies of yourself, which can help taking out large quantities of enemies in a short amount of time. The cannon box allows you to shoot projectiles, and can also be charged up to create a shockwave large enough to take out enemies in its blast radius.

The boss fights are actually challenging. Boom-Boom returns, along with everyone else from 3D land. But the fights are a bit different and actually a little more difficult. The fights with Bowser are also extremely fun and hilarious.

Overall, a solid addition to the Mario library, and a must buy for anyone interested. Magikmike39 out.