beautiful, but too cute for a Mario game

User Rating: 7 | Super Mario 3D World WIIU

This is the closest thing to Mario 64 but it's not as great. It's a mix of Mario 64, Mario World and Mario Bros 1. Although it has the same design as Mario World(SNES), it does not have the same originality, nor does it have the same feel to it. This is a Mario game designed for kids.


- beautiful graphics
- great level designs with a rich world

- controls are uber smooth

- I love the way you have to jump on a flag pole at the end of the levels


- the level of difficulty is too easy

- very childish...the game is cute, but it's too much cute. Mario makes cat noises...and that is only 1 example

This is a game worth getting on the WiiU. I just wish it was harder and a lottle bit darker like the old Mario games.