Very, very FUN

User Rating: 9 | Super Mario 3D World WIIU

So I told my 5 year old niece that I had a cool game to play and when she saw it wasn't Scribblenauts she didn't want to play. So I put it in and within a minute she starts playing and of course we both love the game.

The game starts off very easy. I got all stamps and stars from World 1 in no time, but the game slowly gets harder. There are a lot of levels, and in my opinion it is better than Mario Galaxy, Because the level design is tight. The graphics are perfect. Mario looks amazing in HD and it gives me hope about all Nintendo games.

Power ups are the best, I will not give them away but they are different. Now the boss battles vary, With Bowser they are cool but the others are the usual thing where you just jump on there head.

I give this a 9 out of 10. The only thing that could be better is if it was more open world like Mario 64 or Sunshine.