Super Mario 3D Land Cheats For 3DS

  1. Unlimited 1-ups

    World 1-2, right after the checkpoint flag, there are three koopa troopas and three coin blocks. Get on the first long coin block which is on the ground, then simply walk down onto the koopa troopa below when it moves right below the coin block. With a bit of timing and adjusting your position, you'll be bouncing off it repeatedly and start getting 1-ups. If you mess up and die, simply restart from the checkpoint.

    Contributed by: xybazelu 

  2. Classic 1-2 level skip to world 2.

    In world 1-2 there is a classic Mario throwback. After the checkpoint flag you'll see some coin blocks. If you jump on top of these you can then jump further up and away from the screen. You'll land on a small narrow ledge that you couldn't see before. You can now run past this section of the level and when you come to a gap in the higher area jump over it and keep running, you'll come to an area with a single orange pipe. Jumping in this pipe will take you to World 2.

    Contributed by: RedScarChaos 

  3. Warp Tunnel to World 5

    Near the end of World 4-2 when you're jumping up the large shaft (via the the spotted bouncy platforms), you can use the last bouncy platform and angle it to left to get up into a more narrow shaft. You may need to do some wall jumps but go up and to the right. Keep running all the way to the right and you will find an orange pipe that will take you to World 5!

    Contributed by: DrLipschitz 

  4. Beat level 7-1 in 5 seconds.

    Get a Tanooki leaf. Play level 7-1. When the level starts, run towards the flag. When you come to the pit with the water, jump and hover over it. If you do this you can hit the flag and beat the level in 5 seconds, or less.

    Contributed by: RueRyuzaki92 

  5. Easy way to beat Bowser in level 1-Castle.

    Get the Tanooki leaf. Play stage 1-Castle. After you meet Bowser, run towards him. When you get to the gap between where you are standing and the bridge he is standing on, jump and float over the gap, using the tanooki leaf, to land where the Bowser-Button are. This makes it real easy to beat him, and gets you a much better time-score.

    Contributed by: RueRyuzaki92 

  6. One-Up Conversion At The Goal

    When you're holding an item, such as the blocks that let you twirl higher in the air, see if you can make it to the goal post without letting them go. If you complete the stage while still holding onto the item, it'll change into an extra One-Up Mushroom.

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  7. Mario's glance

    You will notice that while playing, Mario will turn his head up and look into empty space. If you go to where he is looking, you will often find a hidden coin/1up block.

    Contributed by: gherkzilla 

  8. Maximum number of lives

    In this game, you can actually go over the maximum number of 999 lives, and have up to over 1,000 lives. By utilizing the 1-up trick found in 1-2, or any other place with a koopa troopa and a wall nearby, this is made simple. Once you reach 1,000 lives, there will be a unique sound effect and some applause, and your hundredth place for your lives will turn into a crown. Same goes for the tens, and the ones; they all turn into crowns once they exceed the number 9. Once you reach the maximum number of lives(which is 1,110), the same sound effect and applause can be heard once more.

    Contributed by: xybazelu 

  9. Hatless Super Mario and little Mario with hat

    Once you've reached the maximum number of lives(which is 1,110, displayed by a triple-crown), any time you're in Super Mario(or Luigi) form you'll be without your hat, and vice versa when you're little Mario(Luigi). Note: this doesn't apply to any other form than Super, ie. Fire, Tanooki, Boomerang, etc. This includes the opening demo and "demo room"(when you leave the game untouched for a couple of moments at the title screen).

    Contributed by: xybazelu 

  10. Flagpole Easter Eggs

    When you get to the end of the level and about to grab the pole, if your time limit ends in a 6 balloons will come out once you grab the pole. If your time limit ends in a 3 fireworks will come out once you grab the pole. If your time limit ends in a 1 confetti will come out once you grab the pole.

    Contributed by: VaultBoy2010 

  11. Alternate Title Screen

    If you save and quit while you were playing in any of the special worlds, the next time you go to the home screen there will be alternate video! (Note: this can be reversed by saving and quitting in any of the first 8 worlds)

    Contributed by: TheUltraGameBos 

  12. Unlockables

    Code Effect
    Clear World 8 Special World
    Clear Special World 1 Play as Luigi

    Contributed by: feitclub 

  13. Final level

    Code Effect
    Get 5 stars on your file Final level

    Contributed by: pikachupwnage 

  14. Photo Album

    Once you reach the Blue Mushroom house in World 3, you will be able to view photographs you've seen throughout the game. You are also able to save any photograph you have to your SD card so you can view them anytime you wish without the need of your game cart. To add more photos to your album, complete the following tasks.

    Code Effect
    Complete World 1 Photo #2
    Complete World 2 Photo #3
    Complete World 3 Photo #4
    Complete World 4 Photo #5
    Complete World 5 Photo #6
    Complete World 6 Photo #7
    Complete World 7 Photo #8
    Beat the game as Mario Photo #9
    Beat the game as Luigi Photo #10
    Unlock Special World Photo #11
    Complete Special World, then beat the game Photo #12

    Contributed by: Soulavenger69 

  15. Star Medal Level Unlockables

    Possess the required amount of star medals to unlock the following levels.

    Code Effect
    3 Star Medals W1-4
    15 Star Medals W3-5
    30 Star Medals W4-3
    40 Star Medals W5-3
    50 Star Medals W5-Bowser
    60 Star Medals W6-5
    70 Star Medals W7-3
    80 Star Medals W8-3
    90 Star Medals W8-Bowser 1
    100 Star Medals W8-Bowser 2
    110 Star Medals S1-Bowser
    120 Star Medals S2-Airship
    140 Star Medals S3-Airship
    160 Star Medals S4-Airship
    180 Star Medals S5-Bowser
    200 Star Medals S6-Airship
    220 Star Medals S7-Bowser
    230 Star Medals S8-1
    240 Star Medals S8-2
    250 Star Medals S8-3
    260 Star Medals S8-4
    270 Star Medals S8-5
    290 Star Medals S8-Bowser

    Contributed by: SuperPhillip 

  16. Save File Stars

    These are the requirements for getting the five Stars to appear on your save file, which are needed to unlock the true final level, S8-Crown. Glittering Stars are optional, and makes your stars glitter. Glittering Stars is sometimes known as Rainbow Stars. These cannot be lost if the main game is beaten after obtaining them. Although the second star requirement may seem nearly identical to the first, this is not an error. It's probably there because some levels are optional.

    Code Effect
    Defeat Bowser in World 8's second Castle First Star
    Clear all stages in the first 8 Worlds Second Star
    Defeat Bowser in World 8's second Castle again after defeating him in Special World 8's Castle Third Star
    Obtain all 285 Star Medals, not including the ones from Mystery Boxes Fourth Star
    Have all stages cleared with both Mario and Luigi, and have gotten a Golden Flagpole on each stage at least once with either brother Fifth Star
    Never have the Super/Help Item Blocks appear: Never die five or more times in a row on any level. Glittering Stars

    Contributed by: SnoozerBear 

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