If you like Runescape and you gotta PS2 you might like this one!

User Rating: 7 | Summoner PS2
i just borrowed Summoner Today and i gotta say its just like Runescape.You have lots of places and continents to explore the fighting style i swear is just like Runescape,The character keeps slashing until the other guy is dead,but theres also chain abilities with can be used while your fighting your oppenent.Theres also real-time fighting and you can have upto 5 character in your party,summon red monsters,emps and golems to help you along the way.Cast spells like fire ..ice ...Heal ( lol without runes) XD.The graphics are computer like it looks way worse than average PS2 game but better than runescape.Overall a game just like Runescape but with cool spells and big summoning.


Travel to upto 2 contenents

Fight hundreds of monsters and soilders and other funny lookin stuff

Summon !! lol big monsters

Cast cool spells to win more often

hours of gameplay!! ( since like runescape)

My opinion rent it first see if you like it...