An amazing rpg with great battles and amazing story, and the backstabbing never felt so good :)

User Rating: 10 | Summoner PC
yes this game is a classic and will live on forever like any epic work of art should.

when i first got this game years ago, my PC just could not handle it, so I put it aside and after a few more years I said to myself , hmmmmmm lets try the summoner on my new PC, and boy was I surprised, the game was amazing although the graphics were getting a little old, I found the game play hard and rewarding, the spells were awesome though few, and the story surprising and engaging, the levels were also cool and music was great.

if you enjoy linear rpg games with epic monsters and cool fights play it and you will not regret it.

the summoner is a must have, dragon age reminded me of the summoner and its almost similar to it game play wise. although the summoner was more linear and had only 4 characters for the party.... just get it and enjoy.