Suikoden Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Hidden Items

    After the audience with the Emperor, don't go home. Instead, go to Sarady and talk to the man in the upper-right house. You'll get a Fortune Rune.
    Alternately, go home and as soon as Ted joins the party, go to Sarady and talk to the man in the upper-right house. You'll get a Prosperity Rune.

    Contributed by: GenmaNinja 

  2. Hidden Scenes

    Bring Clive to the headstones in Rockland and examine the one on the top left.

    Bring Flik to Warrior's Village and go into the house on the top right.

    Bring Meg to Lenankamp and go into the first house on the left.

    Examine the well in Rockland after fighting the bandits.

    Contributed by: GenmaNinja 

  3. Game Over / Stat Items trick

    This trick is very simple and allows you to use your stat increasing items as many times as you want. First save your game and use all the stat items you have on whatever character you're trying to improve. Now get into a random battle and let your party be wiped out. At the game over screen choose to continue. Your game will be loaded up from your last save yet you'll still have all the items you used and your stats will remain upgraded, leaving you free to repeat this as many times as you feel necessary.

    Contributed by: Kengosam 

  4. Full Items

    If you've used up part of an item (Medicine, Antidote, etc.), deposit in the wharehouse. When you take it out, the item will be maxed out again.

    Contributed by: TheDoubleDragon 

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