For anyone who's played FF Tactics on the PS, you should at least try out this game.

Audio: The game's sound effects are great, like the swords clashing or spears stabbing. The music during battles are very addictive, but most of them have a very peaceful tune.
Graphics: This games looks good especially when it comes to the magic. The summons and area affecting spells are very well done. The animated faces on the text looks nice, too.
Gameplay: This is where everything is well done. It plays similarly to Fire Emblem, where units move and get in range to fight the enemy. Each kind of units has special abilities, like healing, knocking units back , or elemental spells. Each race in the game can become an assortment of races, depending on what techniques or skills he/she learns. After each battle, units get AP which are used to master skills. There is also a law system, which prohibits certain weapons, spells, etc. Although it is unique, it is mostly frustrating. You don't need to follow the rules, but if you break the law, that unit is sent to prision and you need to pay a fine to get the unit back.
Value: To complete every mission, have every class, and have every skill, you will need to play this game for many hours. As of now, I have been playing for 100+ hours!
Tilt (Story): The story is that you have opened this mysterious book, and the world around is transformed into a fantasy world, and you must break the crystals to return everything to normal. The story progresses by missions, but sometimes it is hard to find out what missions you need to do before you sign up for them. There is a lot of depth in the story, but sometimes some plot twists are awkward. I won't say anything though.