Suikoden Tactics Cheats For PS2

  1. Sell your items at original price !!!

    When selling items, sell items that are equipped by your characters instead of selling them from the caravan stash, you will get back the same amount of potch as the item cost in shops although it shows half the price when you sell it!

    Contributed by: fusukae 

  2. Suikoden 4 References.

    When you start a new game you will be asked to load Suikoden 4 data. Doing so will make a couple of lines in the game change. Also, this is the only way to aquire two additional characters later in the game.

    Contributed by: red soul 

  3. Skipping the Cutscenes.

    You will get the ability to skip cutscenes( by pressing start) after you complete the game once( i.e. in New Game+ mode).

    Code Effect
    Complete the game once. Use start to skip the cutscenes

    Contributed by: red soul 

  4. New Game+ Mode.

    Upon completing the game you will be given a choice to save. Doing so and loading this data will result in starting a New Game+, a new game with all of your previous money, items, equipment( not the runes), skills, and other small things.

    Contributed by: red soul 

  5. Unlock special characters (with Suikoden 4 save that has 108 stars recruited)

    First, complete Suikoden 4, and make sure to collect ALL 108 stars of destiny. After clearing the game and saving, start a new game for Suikoden Tactics. When it asks, load up the Suikoden 4 clear data.

    Hero4: Right before the event at the Laboratory on Kooluk continent, go back to the Island Nations and go to Obel. Speak to Lino under "Gossip", then go to the deserted island, go to the coast, and help Hero4 defeat a few monsters. He'll then join (wielding the name you gave him in Suikoden 4).

    Snowe: After recruiting Hero4, go to Razril, talk to the little boy under "Gossip", then help Snowe fight furballs in the back alley. He'll join after the battle.

    Contributed by: Doomerang 

  6. Unlock Lalacle

    To be able to use Lalacle the mission giver, you must first play through the game and beat it. Then, if you play through New Game+, the first time you normally see Lalacle she will join you automatically. She will still be around to give you missions when you go to Middleport.

    Contributed by: Jigglypuff 

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