Great installment into an awesome series.

There are many facets to this game, between the campaign, multiplayer, online play, and the map editing abilities you will have great bang for your buck. First off the campaign finishes the story of Master Chief and the apocalyptic war between humanity, the covenant, and the flood. Halo 2 was a major disappointment to me with the story in the campaign, but halo 3 had several twists and (while not exactly what I was expecting) an inspiring ending. Bungie came up with some great weapons while keeping the good ones and bringing back some favorites from the first halo. The multiplayer most definitely lives up to the hype and popularity, Halo 3 takes all the great things from the previous games and builds on them adding many small features that just make it great to play. The ability to play 4 player co-op online is a great feature and I think has raised the bar for future games. Also, little things like how stats are displayed at the end of a match, what the HUD looks like, and other such small things that don’t necessarily drive the game but add that little extra make the game step forward. While there doesn’t seem to be much that is drastically different from Halo 2, the biggest addition seems to be the Forge mode which allows you to edit maps. While this is not a new concept in general, I cant think of any console games which allow you to do this to such an extent. I don’t think that Halo 3 is the best game in the universe, but when the whole series is taken into consideration, the Halo series is one of the best out there. Halo 3 adds a lot to the series and does not take anything away, it has very solid gameplay, story-line and multiplayer that it most definitely deserves a spot in every ones collection.