Suikoden III Cheats For PS2

  1. Make easy money without leaving your castle or the lottery

    This becomes available once you have a rune sage, a scroll maker,and an item shop.You need only a little money to start this up. You need to buy a bunch of Earth runes and then make them into scrolls. After you turn them into scrolls sell them all to the man at the item shop for a big profit.

    Contributed by: RPGplayer629 

  2. Easy Stat Ups for Characters

    To take part in this in-game cheat, you must have at least one of the Stones (i.e. Stone of Power, Stone of Defense, etc.). Having multiple stones speeds up the process of gaining stats.

    NOTE: Make sure to SAVE your game FIRST before you try this!

    Use the stones on any character, then enter a battle and lose. (Tip: Unequipping all armor before the battle makes it faster to lose.) At the game over screen, don't give up. It will reload you to your last save. You will retain all of the items you previously had before your character died (i.e. the stones). You will also retain the stats that you gained from the stones.

    This can be repeated any number of times on any character.

    Contributed by: Zealous1714 

  3. Extra Scenario

    Finish the game with 108 stars and an extra scenario will be unlocked.

    Contributed by: howtindog 

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