Elite Contest help

#1 Posted by KLC2012 (4 posts) -
I'm really stuck on one particular theme in the Elite Contest. They ask for Pop with a Japanese Flair. I have tried picking the Pop category & the Asian mixing them together. For example; Pop base layer with Asian top or outer wear, Asian dress with Pop shoes, etc. Each time taking 4th place. This is very frustrating so if anyone has any tips I so welcome them. Thanks
#2 Posted by 18salerj1219 (6 posts) -
I'm not really good at that one either but, I think all it wants you to do is make a pop outfit. I tried mixing the two like you did. It didn't work so I just made a pop outfit and was able to beat it, I think...
#3 Posted by Simoku97 (1 posts) -
I finally found out that it meant a Pop outfit with Retro accessories